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Android Developer

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An Android Developer is a Software Developer who specializes in designing applications for the Android marketplace. The Android marketplace is the direct competitor to Apple’s app store. This means most of an Android Developer’s job revolves around creating the apps we use on our smartphones and tablets. Android Developers can either work in-house for a large organization, or they can be employed by an App Development agency.

The role of Android Developer is a skilled, entry-level position. Employers often require a bachelor’s degree in software development or a related field, but they typically do not require work experience as an Android Developer. The next rung on the career ladder would be Senior Android Developer, which involves taking on leadership and mentorship roles. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Software Developers, which includes Android Developers, is expected to rise a whopping 17 percent through 2024.

Android Developer Duties and Responsibilities

There are a variety of specific tasks that an Android Developer performs in order to develop Android applications. The following are the duties we came across most in our analysis of Android Developer job descriptions.

Design and Build Advanced Applications for the Android Platform

This is the duty where an Android Developer dedicates most of their time. This involved using C / C++, JavaScript and a few other tools to write program code. This duty requires as an extreme attention to detail, as one mistyped line of code can render the whole program unusable.

Collaborate with Cross-Functional Teams to Define, Design and Ship New Features

An Android Developer works with Product Development, User Experience and several other departments to define and design new features users actually want. This aspect of the job requires the ability to be a team player.

Troubleshoot and Fix Bugs in New and Existing Applications

An Android Developer’s job isn’t done once an application is finished. They are also responsible for troubleshooting bugs that arise when the app is shipped to users. Android Developers must be able to methodically test possible issues and be able to quickly develop a software patch to fix the problem.

Continuously Discover, Evaluate and Implement New Development Tools

Android Developers have to stay current on the latest trends in mobile application use. They have to evaluate new tools as they hit the market and figure out whether they’ reworth implementing. This requires the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Work With Outside Data Sources and APIs

An Android developer spends a fair amount of time working with outside data sources and APIs. Critical thinking is important here in order to apply this information to their specific project.

Android Developer Skills

The role of Android Developer is highly technical. They have to be proficient in coding and programming languages in order to write the apps we love to use. This requires intricate knowledge of C/C++ and JavaScript. Android Developers also have to be somewhat trendy when it comes to tech. In order to make the best apps, an Android Developer must stay abreast of the latest mobile trends. In addition to these technical skills, an Android Developer must be a team player who can work with multiple departments in the quest to create the best Android app possible. We scoured several Android Developer job descriptions in our quest to put together the following list of core skills you’ll need to become an Android Developer.

Core skillsWant to start your journey towards becoming an Android Developer? Here are the core skills you should start working on.

  • Proficiency in C / C++
  • Proficiency in JavaScript
  • Proficiency in MYSQL Databases
  • High attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to thrive in a collaborative environment
  • Proficiency in Android Studio
  • Complex problem solving skills

Advanced SkillsIf you’re looking to really gain an advantage in the job market, then start working on these advanced skills many employers prefer in their Android Developers to possess.

  • Flexible and adaptable work style
  • Ability to take ownership of one’s work
  • Accountability / ability to take constructive criticism

Tools of the TradeAndroid Developers use several tools to complete their duties and responsibilities. In order to get a job as an Android Developer, you’ll have to be proficient in the following.

  • Development Environment software, such as Adobe ActionScript
  • Object or Component oriented software, such as C# / C++
  • Program testing software, such as IBM Rational PurifyPlus
  • Database management software, such as Apache Flume
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